John Hulley - British Olympic Founder

By Ray Hulley


Funeral reports

1875 Jan 8      Liverpool Mercury - Deaths  (incl)                                                                            
                     HULLY – Jan.6, at 91 Grove-street,  aged 42, John Hully, Esq.

1875 Jan 8      Liverpool Mercury - The Late Gymnasiarch. Our obituary of yesterday contained an announcement of the decease of Mr John Hulley, of this town, at the comparatively early age of 42 years. Mr Hulley was well-known in Liverpool as a most enthusiastic teacher of gymnastic exercises, and by his advocacy of the importance and value of physical training. He was mainly instrumental in the formation of the Gymnasium Company of Liverpool, and in the subsequent erection of the fine building now standing in Myrtle-street for gymnastic purposes.

Some years ago, Mr Hulley opened the Rotunda in Bold-street as a gymnasium, and fitted the room with the modern appliances; but his stay there was of short duration. In 1864, the present gymnasium was erected, and Mr Hulley assumed its management, which he carried on with great success until September, 1870, when he retired in favour of Mr Shrapnell, the present conductor. On the 4th July, 1869 he was married to Miss Bolton, daughter of a retired merchant living in Aigburth-vale, and that lady survives him. So enthusiastic an advocate for this special kind of physical training for young people did Mr Hulley become that he was called "The Gymnasiarch” a title which he enjoyed with no small amount of self complacence.

For some time previous to his death, Mr Hulley suffered from a pulmonary affection, which necessitated his removal from England to a warmer climate during the severity of the winter; but this year, feeling himself somewhat better, he remained in Liverpool, and unfortunately encountered the very recent very severe weather, which proved fatal to his delicate constitution.

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