John Hulley - British Olympic Founder

By Ray Hulley


The John Hulley Memorial Fund

This Fund was opened on 8 August 2008, which co-incided with the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. The Liverpool Daily Post of that day carried a double-page centre spread about the Fund and the text of two articleis shown here.

How we lit the Olympic flame

Fund to restore Hulley's grave

Aims and Objectives

  1. To provide funds for the renovation and re-instatement of the John Hulley grave located at Plot G493, Toxteth Park Cemetery, Smithdown Road, Liverpool.

    This includes the following:

    • Remove and clean the complete memorial including covers and cross;
    • Refit memorial and covers;
    • Re letter as existing inscription;
    • Add other text as necessary. 

  2. To provide funds as necessary for a ceremony of re-dedication when the above work is completed.

  3. To allocate all surplus funds, if any, to an appropriate local charity which has youth sporting aims as an objective

Members of Committee

Mr Ray Physick Chairman Author, Sports Writer – “Played in Liverpool” (Played in Britain Series); “Liverpool Boxing Venues”. Various articles in Liverpool newspapers.
Mr Ray Hulley Treasurer

Family Historian, Fellow of Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society; North Cheshire Family History Society; Guild of One-name Studies (registered names Hulley, Hully, Ulley, Ully); Author of “The History and Hulley Families of the One House, Rainow, near Macclesfield” and various articles in FH journals. Mr. Hulley is not a descendant of John Hulley.

Mr Simon Inglis Committee member Author, Journalist and Sports Writer – “The Football Grounds of Britain”; The Football Grounds of Europe”; “Sightlines – A Stadium Odyssey”; “League Football and the Men Who Made It”; “A Load of Old Balls (Played in Britain Series)”; “Villa Park 100 Years”, etc.
Mr Don Anthony Committee member Executive Committee member International Society of Olympic Historians.Life Member Wenlock Olympian Society. Honorary Member Pierre de Coubertin International Committee. IOC awards for services to Olympism  l994 and 2007. Author  "Minds Bodies and Souls" - a history of the British Olympic Movement (Published by BOA). Trustee BOA British Olympic Foundation until 2008. He competed for ten years in national teams as an international hammer thrower and represented Britain in the Melbourne Olympic Games 1956.

Donations were received from the International Olympic Committee, the British Olympic Association, several ex- Olympic athletes as well as members of the general public. Sufficient money was raised by March 2009 to go ahead with the arrangements for the renovation of the gravestone and Messrs Welsby's (Memorials) of Liverpool undertook the work.

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